Are you loving or hating the short hair trend that’s huge this summer? Personally I love it. About two months ago I kept telling my mam I wanted short hair. She being a hair dresser and knowing me kept saying I’ll do it tomorrow and every time tomorrow came I would chicken out and just say ‘ah maybe I don’t want it cut’. For weeks on end I kept asking people ‘will I cut it?’ Most people were saying NOOOOOO don’t do it. Your hair is so long

I didn’t know what to do, but then when I asked mam what to do she was fed up so she just sat me down on a chair in the kitchen and put the gown around me and she cut inches off. At first I wasn’t too keen. I was thinking ‘what have I done?’ I had snap chatted a few people my new hair do and people seemed to like it.

I am so glad I cut it now. Its such a change but a good one. Everybody says I look older with it when I am dolled up but when I have no make up on I do look younger I think. . Sometimes I feel like my 4 year old self who used to have a bob! LOL. I used to hate getting my hair cut in the slightest because I wanted it to be so long but now I get my hair chopped every couple of weeks. I am considering going shorter now as It is currently at a bit of an awkward length. I have really noticed that my hair is so much healthier and people say I have a great shine off it which is great.

I’m loving celebs like Pippa O’Connor, Essex girl Jessica Wright, Lucy Mecklenbourgh (the reason I chopped mine) and the gorgeous Kylie Jenner’s hairs. They all look so well with the short hair. I think it is just a fab summer look..

If you’re considering getting your hair cut up short you should have a look at different styles on one of my favourite apps ‘Pinterest’ This is where I got inspired from. You can just type in Short Hair Cuts and loads of different looks come up.

I wonder what the next hair craze will be? Below are a few images.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I’d love to hear about your hair styles for this summer. Did you recently change your hairstyle?

Bye for now,

Shannagh xo




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