A better foundation than MAC?!★

hey girls,
How are we all? Sorry it’s been a long week since I’ve posted last. I’ve been quite busy but I promise more posts to come.

Today’s blog is about a foundation which I have been using for the past month on a daily basis. It’s L’OREAL Paris True Match!


I’m sure you have all heard of Lauren Curtis, the make up blogger who absolutely adores this product. I had been watching her make up tutorials a lot and she kept using/mentioning this foundation. I loved her make up looks when she used it so I was keen to get it straight away.

I previously used MAC studio fix every day, which I love  but I only had a dark shade. It’s perfect for when I have tan on but way too dark for my natural skin tone. I wanted make up that would match my skin colour and texture, one that would give good coverage and one that wasn’t too expensive for everyday use.

One day before work I decided to head into boots. I went straight to the L’Oreal stand where I saw so many true match products like concealer, powder & bronzer etc. That day they were doing 3 for the price of 2 so I was in my element. (I bought mascara & bronzer too lol) I saw the true match foundation in a range of different colours and the first thing I thought was how will I get the right colour too match my skin tone. I started picking up some light shades and testing them on my hand, the light shades were all quite similar. I picked D1-W1 Golden Ivory in the end. It’s very light but matches my tone really well. I might get maybe the next shade darker next time just to see what I prefer. They have a wide range of colours available so whatever your tone I’m sure there is one for you.

Since buying the product and two others I have been interested in L’Oreal cosmetics so I had to take a look online. While looking online at their website I saw you can ‘find your shade’ which allows you to get a rough idea of what colour foundation you should go for. If you click here it will bring you straight onto that page. It’s a good idea so you have some idea of what one to get before heading into the shop.

Its very affordable. I think I paid about €14.99 for it in Boots. (I thought this was good) SO WORTH IT! Its here  online for £9.99 at boots and its also included in special offer boots are doing at the moment, the 2 for £15 on selected L’Oreal cosmetics…(how brill). I’m pretty sure in Ireland too the 3 for 2 offer is still going on.

Anyways, I’ve been applying this true match foundation with my Crownbrush Duo Fibre foundation brush. I got this a few months ago and I really like it but maybe I need a buffer brush or something as sometimes it’s takes a while to blend out to get rid of the lines on my face from the brush bristles. Other than that the application is easy. It’s so light on your face and it gives a lovely coverage. I hate a make up that feels so sticky on your face when you apply it, luckily I don’t have this problem with L’Oreal.

I think it’s my all time favourite foundation! Even better than my MAC studio fix. I can’t wait to get this in a darker shade for nights out etc. It lasts on my face all day, without budging. A serious must have girls. You all need to try it and let me know what you all think.

Thanks for reading, hope you all enjoyed it. Love hearing from fellow bloggers so leave a comment below 🙂

Love Shannagh X




  1. I had such high expectations for this foundation because of how everybody went on about it in the beauty community. I got it a while ago and tried to make it work but it just doesn’t sit right on my skin. I tried different ways of applying it but still it just slides around and doesn’t blend in. I still have it so maybe I’ll try again! Im glad you got on with it though! ❤

    1. Oh no way! You’re the first person I have heard who doesn’t love it. Did you try it with primer on as a base? I find it does take a bit of blending but as I said I think it’s because I’m using the wrong brush but I love how it turns out. Definitely give it another go. And of course let me know if you have changed your mind. Xx

      1. Yeah I never heard a bad thing about it either! No I didn’t, I didn’t have a primer when I got it but now I have a sample of the MAC prep + prime which is a much loved product of mine. I’ll give it another go and let you know! xx

      2. That’s the primer I use and adore haha, it’s another must have 🙈 we’re all going to be broke! Looking forward to hearing your verdict Xx

      3. Haha yeah definitely! I’ve been through so many of them but MAC is getting so expensive in the UK now! xx

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