4 new beauty buys

Hi everyone, how are we all doing? đź’‹

So at the weekend I was in Co.Mayo for my cousins christening and one thing I had to do whilst there was go into ‘Foody’s Pharmacy’ in Ballina to get some NYX cosmetics. Mayo fashion & beauty blogger ‘Along came Polly’ works there and had posts up on Facebook about them stocking NYX products. I used to buy it years ago when it was stocked in the hair dressers suppliers in Dublin that my mum goes to but they stopped doing it and I was so disappointed as I love NYX, I hadn’t been able to buy it for years. Since I found out Foody’s started stocking it I had to take a visit. I’m happy I did.

Foody’s pharmacy have a good lot of NYX available to buy, although a few items were out of stock (not surprised as it’s so popular) I managed to pick up three products from NYX and one product from Sleek makeup.

Firstly I bought NYX Matte Lipstick number 16.
It’s lovely to put on your lips and the matte finish is divine. I’m loving this lippy already and I can’t wait to have a night out and wear it. It also makes your teeth look extra white, happy days!! The lipstick was €7.49. It kind of has a red tint. I’ve been on the hunt for a colour like this. I finally found it!!




Butter Gloss is a gloss that I’ve heard many good things about and it hasn’t let me down. I love it!! I got it in 07 Tiramisu. It’s non sticky and give a beautiful shine. It’s a nude colour (I’m loving nudes colours lately). In one of my other blog posts I talked about Mac Creme D’Nude, well I’ve found something that goes beautifully with it. The butter gloss has a lovely taste. I know you’re not supposed to eat it but we all do taste our glosses don’t we? Or am I just weird haha. It has a caramel-ish taste. You can’t go wrong. It says on the packaging ‘divine gloss that feels like it melts on your lips.’ Its exactly what it does. Just melts beautifully. It’s long-lasting which is always a good thing. The butter gloss cost €6.49 which I thought was excellent.



My last NYX product I bought was a slim eye/eyebrow pencil 906 white. I wanted a white jumbo NYX Pencil in the colour Milk 604 for my waterline to make my eyes appear bigger but unfortunately it was out of stock so I went with a normal pencil. It doesn’t really go into the water line very well in the white colour as it is very light. You need to go over it quite a few times. Costing €4.99 it did not break the bank. I wish I got it in a grey colour as I had that one before to use as eyeliner. It’s really good. The white pencil is nice but I would rather the jumbo pencil.


While in Foody’s I saw a gorgeous ‘Sleek’ Blush by 3 pallet. This pallet has three gorgeous colour blushes (others available) I decided to go for the palette with a beautiful coral orange, a shimmer colour and a pink. The three colours are Crochet, Guipure & Chantilly. I just adore them all. My mam loves it just as much, especially the colour on the left as she reckons it suits her skin tone really well, I would have to agree. This pallet only cost €12.99. I was very impressed. I definitely want to stock up on a few other ones too.



I will definitely be returning to Foody’s Pharmacy in Ballina the next time I am in Mayo. They stock other popular brands like the balm, vita liberate and many more. It is great to be able to try the tester’s in the shop to see what suits you. Here is a link to their Facebook page so check them out. https://www.facebook.com/foodyspharmacy . Also check out Mayo Blogger ‘Along came Polly’ here http://alongcamepollly.blogspot.ie/

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know if you have.

Lots of love

Shannagh Xx

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