Review – Real Techniques your eyes/enhanced starter kit.

Hello Girls

Todays post is about the Real techniques starter brushes for eye’s that I purchased a few weeks ago. I had heard at a lot about real techniques and I was eager to get the core collection set that focuses on foundation/face brushes. One day I was strolling around TK Max with my mam and I saw this set for 19.99, I just had to pick it up. I have returned to TK Max since to try see if I could pick up the core collection but I haven’t found it unfortunately. Anyways, I am delighted I picked up this set in the end. I LOVE IT!


The starter kit for eyes comes with five brushes. A base shadow brush, The deluxe crease brush, a accent brush, a fine liner brush and lastly a brow brush. I have kind of forgotten about my other eye shadow brushes I own. I find myself always looking for the purple handled ones. If I had to pick my favourite I would probably say the base shadow brush. Its just the best!!

Base Shadow Brush: As I said, this is one of my faves. I use this for applying a base colour, for adding colour to my crease and for blending! So many uses. It applies a smooth foundation of colour. Its so soft and its just the right size.

Deluxe Crease brush: This brush is great for the crease. Its an oversized brush which I like. This brush neatly goes in-between the crease leaves the colour I want there in the perfect shape. It allows me to shape my eye with various colours, By using this brush with dark colours in the crease it really gives a professional look.

Accent Brush: I usually use this for smudging my black eyeliner under my lower line lashes and it does the job. Its a perfect size for this. The size is also great as you can be more precise with what you are doing. I would also use the accent brush when highlighting just in at your tear duct.

Fine liner brush Ahhhh this brush is perfect for you if you’re one for applying gel eyeliner. With its ‘fine’ tip it gives you the control you need to perfect the perfect cat eye 😉 I’m a huge fan.

Brow Brush: This is a standard brow brush, to be honest I don’t really use this one as I usually fill my eyebrows in with a pencil. (If you girls have any eyebrow products you recommend please do share lol) I’m sure if I used a gel eyebrow product I would use this but for now It is not one I usually use.

This starter set comes in a little pouch that you can make into a stand. I love how you can do that as I just place the stand on my desk while doing my make up. Super handy! It retails at about 28.99 in boots. But you can but them on the real techniques website for $18.00 + about $2 postage to Ireland which I think works out cheaper. I think these a so worth the price. You can’t go wrong. Perfect for you if you want to improve how you’re applying your eye shadow. Since using these brushes I feel my eye make up looks a bit better anyways. (i’m no pro haha)

I have just ordered the core collection set online & I can’t wait to get it in the post.. (Anne (my mam) is going to kill me for ordering more stuff …Oh well haha)
Have you used real techniques? What do you’s think? I love to hear from you so don’t be afraid to leave a comment

Love Shannagh


(images: breaththebeauty,com,


  1. I have the expert face brush (I use for my foundation), the powder brush, and blush brush. I’m in love with all of them! Been eyeing up this set for a while because I’m in desperate need of new eye brushes.
    Just wondering, how ‘firm’ is the eyeliner brush? Is it easy to use with gel liner?
    Thanks for this post! I’ll be checking out the real techniques website as soon as I’m home from work! Xxx

    1. OOOH I can’t wait for my foundation brushes to come.
      The eyeliner brush is firm but as it’s quite long in length it sometimes does move on me but overall it’s great! You should defo try them! I’m sure you’ll like then. . Thanks for commenting! Xx

      1. I definitely will check it out once pay day comes! haha. didn’t realise how much cheaper they are on their website! xx

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