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Hi Ladiessss,

I hope you’re all good. This post is about CND Shellac nails which I love. I’ve never gotten gel nails as I have always been afraid that they would ruin my own nails and make mine weak as I do have quite strong nails so when I heard about shellac I thought I would try it out.  I don’t know about you but I absolutely hate when my nail varnish chips and its usually a day after I apply my polish. Therefore shellac is my favourite thing ever. I’m sure most of you have heard of it but for those who haven’t it is a 14+ day polish that has a high shine,0 dry time wear and also doesn’t damage your own nail. What more could you want??

The typical ‘#newnails’ pictures above are my nails done with shellac on them. I get mine done in Ratoath, Co Meath in a beautiful beauty salon called ‘The Lemon Door’ which is just on the Fairyhouse road. Rachel the owner of the salon normally does mine and my mam’s nails and we always love them! At The Lemon Door shellac costs just 25euro including removal which is great. The application of the shellac doesn’t take too long and it dry’s instantly which I love, you don’t have to be blowing at your nails hoping that they will dry faster! The removal of the polish just takes a few minutes and it is best to get them removed in the salon as if you pick off the shellac it may ruin your own nails… leave it to the professionals is what I say haha

The Lemon Door Beauty Salon

They’re so many colours to choose from in this particular salon. I’ve had different shades of pink, purples and red. There is a colour to suit you for sure. I love that there are so many colours available, never stuck for choice.

Some of the colours available at ‘The Lemon Door Beauty Salon’


The shine it gives your nails makes them look so healthy. I always find people asking me are my nails fake nails when I have shellac on! It is the polish, it just makes them look good. So if you’re somebody that loves having their nails done but hates their polish chipping or doesn’t want to go for the gel nails then CND shellac is for you. I’m telling you, You will love it.
Check out The lemon doors Facebook page and Website by clicking the links below.


or email if you have any questions!


They have some great deals too, they offer 20% off treatments on a Monday and if you have a debs coming up you can get Shellac and a body spray tan for just 30 euro!!! Great deal!

Have any of you tried Shellac? what do you think? Let me know if you try it for the first time after reading this post. Would love to hear what you all think?

Until next time,

Shannagh Xx




sources: the lemon door Facebook page.

(I have nothing to do with the lemon door, just my favourite salon!)






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