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Hi everybody,

How are we all? Today’s blog is about some of my favorite beauty products at the minute that I find myself using a lot. Included is the Urabn Decay Naked Pallet, MAC lipstick Angel, MAC Brush Cleanser, MAC Fix+ , and finally Topshop’s Glow Highlighter. MUCHAS LOVE for all of these products…♥


1. Urban Decay Naked Palette – €44


I got this eye shadow palette for my 19th birthday last year and I still have it but I have used it a lot more recently as I now like to wear eye shadow everyday creating a light smokey eye or anything really. The naked palette from Urban Decay is just perfect for that. It has twelve different colors (pictured below) From left to right they are, Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Halk Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep and Gunmetal. You also get a eye shadow brush with it and the urban decay eye primer..



Virgin, Naked, Buck, Toasted and Hustle are my favorites as I use them most. If i was creating a brown smokey eye I always use Naked and Buck which have a matte finish. I use  Naked all over the lid and then Buck blended out into the crease. LOTS OF BLENDING!! nothing worse than harsh lines of eye shadow, blending is key! Other times I create a nice pink/purple toned eye, using the colors Sin, Toasted and Hustle. These are all quite shimmery. They’re really gorgeous.

This palette is great as well as the colors Virgin Gunmetal and Creep are the perfect colours for that dark smokey eye for a night out! You really can’t go wrong with it. Its a must have! I really think it would suit everybody as the range of colors are amazing. You can buy The Naked Palette at Debhanams stores nationwide costing €44 euro, for 12 gorgeous eyes shadows, this is brill!! Click here to order online or visit the nearest Debhanams store now!

2. MAC Lipstick Angel – €19.50


So as you know from reading my blog post on MAC creme d’nude I had been looking for a lovely nude lipstick that I could wear on a daily basis. After getting Creme D’Nude and being disappointed at the time ( I sort of like it now haha) ,I text my brother when he was flying home from London to stop in Duty Free as its cheaper and pick me up MAC Angel Lipstick, Kindly he arrived home with it for me and I love it since I got it. This is a nude lippy that is just gorgeous and soft, It’s a pink nude and I think it looks fab on the lips. Even on a night out, If you decide to create a dramatic eye look, ANGEL would be great on the lips, you don’t want a strong lip and strong eye..Its too much fuss sometimes. Also, does anybody else find MAC lipsticks smell unreal? Every time I wear it i get that lovely smell. Its beauts.


Costing €19.95  in BT2 it is quite expensive. I’m sure there are plenty of dupes..I have a Rimmel by Kate Moss lipstick which is quite similar, (not the exact same) but I hate the smell/taste of it. The colour is 05 if you wanted to try that instead.

The BACK TO M.A.C campaign is one amazing thing about MAC. What you do is when you are finished with your empty MAC bottles you bring them into a MAC store and they take them off you and give you a lipstick of your choice free of charge. HOW FABULOUS!! You have to have a total of 6 empty bottle in order to get one lipstick. So don’t be throwing out your empty MAC bottles…and If you don’t want mac lipstick you can pass your empties my way 😉  Lol


Anyways, you can buy Angle here online or in Any BT2 store.

3. MAC Brush Cleanser €15

Everybody needs to give their make up brushes a clean now and again and MAC brush cleanser is the perfect solution to do it. I have just finished a bottle of this cleanser and it has been so good. All you do is put some of the solution onto a cotton wool pad, or towel and wipe your brushes until they’re clean.

The solutions conditions the brushes allowing them to last much longer. Also disinfecting a make up brush is important especially if you use your make up brushes on somebody else.  MAC brush cleanser does just that. After use the brushes dry fast and look brand new when you’re done.


You all need a brush cleaner solution in your lives so invest in this one here or in any BT2 store.

4. MAC Fix+ €10

This little travel size beauty is the best thing ever for me. Its a spray that I don’t think I could live without. Hmm how to describe it?..Its clear in color, a light mist spray & it has a nice smell too.

It contains minerals & vitamins, it is infused with a calm-the-skin blend of green tea, chamomile, cucumber and its scent is Sugi, which is extremely FRESH!I apply it sometimes in the morning if I am not wearing make up that day. Or after applying my make up as it just finishes it off. Its SO SO SO SO refreshing. Makes me feel better instantly. The travel size is perfect to fit into your handbag for when you feel a bit ‘eww’ just spray some fix+ and I am telling you, you will feel so much better.



Again, you can buy it online here or in any MAC store.

5.Glow Highlighter by Topshop

Everyone know that highlighting is huge these days. everybody has gorgeous highlighted skin so I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and buy a product that would do the same for me.

At first I didn’t like this product but now after getting the hang of it I really like it. It is a cream highlighter in the shade GLEAM which is a rose gold finish. It’s the perfect match for my foundation. Topshop also have a Glow pot in Polish which is more pale.

The highlighter gives a gorgeous shimmer to the face. I use it on my cheek bones and just on the brow bone under my eyebrow. The one thing i don’t like about this is the pot it is in. It’s quite hard to get the product out using your finger so It is easiest to use a brush. I usually blend it into my skin with my fingers as its easiest to blend.



I can’t remember exactly how much it was in the shop but online it is £9.00.


I hope you enjoyed this post, Let me know if you’re interested in any of these products or if you have tried them before. Thanks for reading,

Shannagh Xx


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