My Favourite Youtube Beauty Channels

Today’s post is to show you all my favourite you tube channels that I’m subscribed to. I actually spend a lot of my free time looking at YouTube tutorials mostly to do with make up. Some days I just sit watching loads of different ones and end up doing my make up for no reason. I turn up at my dance class with a full face of make up done as if I was going hitting the town! Some of the channels I’m subscribed to you may know already but others are some that maybe not be as well-known.

1. Lauren Curtis
Everybody probably knows about Lauren Curtis. She’s Australia’s number Youtuber. Lauren posts about beauty products, make up tutorials and she sometimes does ‘follow me around’ videos which I think is kind of interesting! She’s so successful and only aged 20. It’s amazing! I like that she only includes products that she really does like and not just for the sake of posting them because companies have asked her to. She shows personality in her posts too which I think is a must.

She has uploaded so many videos since she started and I think I have watched every one. She does some really nice make up tutorials.
She has recommended a few products that I use now and love! She knows what she is talking about!
Below is a recent video she has done. Take a look!

2. The Make Up Chair.

The Make Up Chair was created by make up artist Sinead Cady. I only really discovered her on youtube maybe a few weeks ago and I really love watching her videos. What I like is that she uses make up that is so affordable. Mostly cosmetics that you can pick up at your local pharmacy. A lot of other youtubers use make up that is from the more expensive brands and more than likely not available here in Ireland. I think it’s good to have someone who uses the products that we can afford to show that the drugstore brands work just as well as the more expensive ones.

Below is a video that The Make Up Chair has uploaded recently. The make up look is just gorgeous. (She does use more expensive make up here just because it’s her birthday make up!)

I think the final look is gorgeous!

3. Amanda Esing

I love love love this channel! Although Amanda uses a lot of products that’s I don’t have I love watching her technique she uses when applying her make up. She uses all sorts of colours and makes it look so easy! When I try to do what she does it just doesn’t look the same haha. Someday I’ll get it! lol.

Amanda shows really well how to apply your make properly, and why to do certain things. She’s so good doing her own make up, again making it look so so easy.

4. Desi Perkins

I love all the make up tutorials Desi uploads on her channel. She’s so talented! 💄 I love most her eye make up. I don’t know how she does it!

Her technique is just brilliant! The detail she puts inter her eyes and brows! She gives  good tips.
The video below is one of my favourites.

5. Tanya Burr
Aw I love Tanya and I don’t even know her! Her channel is so genuine and you get to know all about her by watching her Vlogs and tutorials. She uploads beauty videos, fashion, get ready with me videos, baking, Monthly favourites, Vlogs, literally everything. Tanya’s videos  are more realistic in my opinion. Her face doesn’t look so edited when she shows her final make up look and I love that she uploads such variety of content. She uses both drugstore and high-end products too when doing make up tutorials. It’s just a really enjoyable channel to watch! Check out her channel girls. Here is a video some of you might enjoy! 😉 I want to try this….

I bet you want to try bake these too after watching that! ❤

6. Buff and Blend
This is another Irish YouTube channel. I’ve only recently come across this one. This girl is just a seriously good make up artist. I want her to do my make up! 😩 Take a look at her channel. It’s always nice to support the Irish girls.

She talks through exactly what she is doing in her tutorials and why she is doing it. Very informative.

7 Pixiwoo
Some of you make know that Pixiwoo are the creators of the real technique brushes. They’re from the UK. I like their channel as they do lovely make up tutorials that are easy to recreate. They talk through what products they use really well and you never know what they’re going to use. Always different products which I like. I like the set where the film too, its nice and bright so it makes the face pop. You don’t get distracted with what is behind them etc.
Take a look at one of their videos below.

Do you watch any of these girls videos? Who’s your favourite?

I’ll be back soon.
Shannagh xxx

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  1. I got into makeup via youtube! And I follow all of these girls. My favorite, though, is Victoria Donelda. Check her out! Thanks for doing a lovely informative blog post on gurus. 🙂

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