Holaaaaaa señoritas 👏

Today’s post is about a tan I have been using for the past few weeks and it is easily my favourite instant tan out on the market at the minute. Costing only 9.99 in selected pharmacies you can’t go wrong can you?

It’s called Tan Goddess and its made by ‘Babydoll Cosmetics’. Some of you may have heard of it before but have found it hard to track it down or just never got around to using it, girls you need to try this tan. It’s comes in shades Medium and Dark. I have tried both.

Applying the tan is easy. I’m a fan of the mouse tanning products more so than the liquid runny ones. I think they are just that bit easier to apply.  Using a tanning mit I put a small amount of the tan onto the mit and applied it in circular motions until the whole area I was tanning (my legs) were covered. It has a coconut scent which some of you may love or some may hate. Personally it doesn’t bother me.


What I like about this tan is that you can see where you are applying it. It comes out of the bottle brown so you won’t have any problems missing areas. It’s spreads around the body easy. You don’t need loads and loads of the product on the mit.

It develops within minutes and it’s drys so so quickly. You won’t have your pjs stuck to your legs when you jump into bed after applying the tan.The next day you should be a lovely golden colour. This tan doesn’t give you the Orange look. I just love it. It also doesn’t have that string chicken curry smell haha has anybody ever spelt this off somebody’s tan? It’s so awful. Lol anyways,

The following morning you can have a light shower just to wash the residue off but it is not essential . It doesn’t leave tan marks on my clothes. If you do shower just have a light one. Don’t be rubbing your tan off with soap, you will end up pale I am afraid.

The best thing about tan goddess is that it isn’t a nightmare to wash off. After a couple of showers you’re tan free unlike other tan where you could have tan on your body for weeks going on scaly! No girls, it is Not a good look 🙈 If you want your tan to last that bit longer I would moisturise daily.

Here are a few pictures of the results I got from using Tan Goddess in the shade Dark.






I purchased my bottle of Tan Goddess in Bradleys pharmacy at the Blanchardstown shopping centre but it is available to buy onloine as well. Just click here. The bottle of tan lasts me a long time. I’ve used my dark bottle loads of times and I still have a lot left. I really do recommend this tan. 10/10 for me!
If you have any questions or opinions please do leave a comment on my facebook page posts or here! You can fine me on facebook by searching ‘All Things Girly By Shannagh’. Follow me on Instagram as well if you want. Its @Shannaghharte. I will follow you back don’t worry haha.

Thanks for reading,
Love Shannagh

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