Penneys Spring/Summer 15

Happy Friday ❤

I’m just here watching the Late late show, (I know such a wild Friday night! Lol) browsing on the laptop and I came across these image from the Penneys Spring/Summer 15 collection. I had to show you, just in case you haven’t seen! I really think these will be a big hit when they land in stores. You really can’t beat Penneys for price can you, It is why we all love the shop so much! I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer, Who else is with me???

Here are a few of the pictures to showcase the style that will b on offer to us very soon, lets hope ❤


Coat%20£23_€28,%20top%20£10_€13,%20culottes%20£14_€17,%20sandals%20£14_€18 Coat%20£25_€30,%20top%20£5_€6,%20shorts%20£10_€12,%20shoes%20£10_€12,%20earring%20£1_€1_50 Dress%20£13_€16,%20sandals%20£16_€19,%20bracelets%20from%20£2_50_€3,%20cuffs%20from%20£2_50_€3 Dress%20£13_€16,%20sunglasses%20£3_€3_50,%20bag%20£6_€8,%20bracelet%20£4_€5,%20rings%20£2_50_€3 Dress%20£15_€18,%20sandals%20£8_€10 Jumpsuit%20£17_€20,%20sandals%20£8_€10 Sleeveless%20blazer,%20£17_€20,%20in%20store%2022_3_15,%20Grade%20F,%2094587 Top%20£8_€10,%20necklaces%20from%20£1_€1_50 Top%20£10_€12,%20skirt%20£12_€15,%20shoes%20£8_€9


I LOVE the pastel coloured shift dress, I love these colours in Summer. I have my eye on that for sure. The sleeveless white blazer will be a popular choice too. What do you think? Is there anything standing out for you?

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Thanks for reading,

Love Shannagh X

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