Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish

Today I am writing about the Miracle Gel Polish by the well known brand Sally Hansen. We all know this brand from your teenage years going out with our Sally Hansen tan praying it would’t rain as we knew it would just run down our legs if it did. haha. Thankfully they brought out a water proof tan that is still doing well. So how good is their new range of nail polishes?

Sally Hansen have always done a nail polish that I have used before and always thought it was good. When I saw that they were bringing out the Miracle Gel a few months ago on ‘School Gate Style’ Blog I needed to try it. As some of you may know I love getting my nails done in The Lemon door Salon as they do Shellac (You can read my post here) which has the same kind of concept, A polish that gives great shine, colour and should last up to two weeks without them chipping. (who else cannot stand when you apply some nail polish and within minutes it chips) so I was so keen to try this Miracle gel out as it is supposed to do the same kind of thing. When applying Shellac you are required to use a lamp to help set it. The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is the At home version of shellac where you do not need any LED lamps for the polish to set and dry which is very convenient.

There are over 45 shades available to buy. You can check all the colours out here,  It is easy to use and I really think it is worth the money. Very impressed!






How do you apply it?

You are required to buy two bottles of the polish. A Step One bottle which is a bottle of the colour you wish to paint your nails. You apply two coats of this, then a Step 2 polish which is the Top coat that you apply over the colour. I guess this is the gel that allows it not to chip.


Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Colour Step 2
The Black Bottle with the white lid is the Step 2 bottle.


When applying your first coat allow it to dry before applying your second coat. (you may think DUH) Often we do another coat too soon, therefore messing up our first coat. Also wait for the second coat to dry before adding the top coat! I know when we paint our nails we suddenly need to do everything. Just sit down and relax. try not to touch anything for a while. I am very bad at this, I fidget at everything. Then when it dries you have a gorgeous nails that look like you got them done in the Salon 😉

How do I remove this Gel Polish?

You do not need any acetone or anything to remove this polish. Just your ordinary nail polish remover will take this off. It is handy as we all have regular remover at home so we do not need to go out and buy a special remover for it.

How much does it cost?

It is expensive, but so worth it. And I’m sure you will get a lot out of each bottle. In Boots, the cost of each bottle is €13.99. But I had a look around and it can be a tiny bit cheaper in Pharmacies. I got mine in Bradleys Pharmacy Blanchardstown for about €8.99 each.

My Verdict;

I am seriously loving this polish! It lasts so much longer than any others. I have only tried the nude shade so I did three coats at first so I would be interested in seeing the more darker colours to see if just two goats is necessary or do you have to do three coats. It does take some time to dry but I rather wait then splash out on a LED lamp. It really does what it says, It gives a great colour and a lovely shine. A lot of people have commented on the nude colour that I got. I think it will be lovely for summer. Does it last 14 days? Well I would’t say it does. It didn’t last quite as long as my shellac does but it didn’t budge for about 9 days which is not bad at all. After that I felt I needed to re do them. I was so amazed though for the first few days, like  after having a shower I could’t believe that it didn’t budge. Overall I would really recommend this if you’re somebody like me who hates when our nail polish chips on our nails!. I can’t wait to build a collection of these nail varnish’. It is like you are getting the Salon Treatment at home. ( especially when my Mam applies it for me after she has filed, shaped and buffed my nails 😉 Thanks Mam! haha )

My nails with Step 1 colour ‘120 Bare Dare’ and step two coat 100.


I hope you enjoyed this post.

Thanks for reading,

Shannagh X


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