Oh Mary Lou-✨

The Light picks up such a nice glow.

Who else is a fan of having a lovely glow on the skin? Or do you see people with a lovely glow and think ‘I want that!’ Well if so I have a product for you. It is the much loved MARY -LOU MANIZER!

Now I used to use my Topshop ‘Glow’ Highlighter which was cream based highlight. I used it all of the time. I did really like it but  now that I have the Mary- Lou Manizer by The Balm, I have kind of forgotten about my other highlighters. I don’t know how I lived without Mary Lou!?! This highlight is a powder based product. When the highlighter catches the light it makes your skin look soft and healthy. I usually apply it just above the cheek bone, under the eye brow and on my cupids bow 👄 It’s also lovely to highlight the inner eye to brighten up your make up look 😍

This shimmer can be used as a shadow as well. I love products that can be used for more than one thing. Now the Mary Lou -Manizer is very pigmented and it is so easy to go over board with the amount of product you use. So be careful. Start of light and build it up to a glow you’re happy with. Another thing I would say is that it is noticeable you have a highlight on when you wear it as it is very glowy (But oh so fab I say).


The packaging is perfect for your make up bag. It comes in a small round plastic compact with a mirror inside on the lid. I always find myself pulling that out of my bag when I need a mirror. It’s a good size! You get a lot of product in it too so I would say it will last me a long time.



There is a Betty Lou-Manizer which would probably suit darker skin tones and it is a bronzing highlighter and there is a Cindy- Lou Manizer which would be for the more fair skin tone. I haven’t tried either but either both look just as good.

Betty-Lou Manizer
Betty-Lou Manizer
Cindy – Lou Manizer

I can’t help but love this product. It’s so perfect. When I wear it I do get people asking me what highlighter I am wearing. Lots of people seem to like it. Everybody had been raving about it and now I know why. The Balm is a brand that I need to try more of. They have some gorgeous palettes and other things that just look so good! 😍 I need to get my hands on some other things. These products are all available from cloud10beauty.com or for a special price today at €17.63 which is FANTABULOUS! It is normally over the 20 euro mark. The Balm is in Foodys pharmacy Harcourt street Dublin or in their Ballina store in Mayo. Here is a link to their Facebook Page. I know you might be thinking It is a bit too expensive but It really is that good. I Highly recommend it. Treat YoSELF 😉

Thanks for reading.

Love Shannagh X

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