Rimmel Provocalips

Hey everybody! Happy Pancake Tuesday 🍳👍 I can’t wait to have some pancakes later today, once I get home from college. Lent starts tomorrow too. Are you giving up anything? I’m not. I’m just going to try drink more water! Anyways lets talk lips 💋

So I posted a photo on my Facebook page and Instagram of a lipgloss I have been wearing a lot of recently. I have three shades and I find myself reaching for one every morning after I’ve applied my make up. I’m really liking them.

They’re Rimmel London’s Provicalips 16HR Kiss proof lip colour. I have three shades 230 ‘Kiss Fatal’ . 730 “make your move” and 200 ‘ I’ll call later’. I love the names of these 😏💗


There are two ends to these glosses. A step one side which is the ‘Intense colour’. Then there is a step two side which is the ‘Lock and Shine’ side. These is like a balm that conceals the colour in and allows it to last so long I suppose.

I wore number 230 “Kiss Fatal” yesterday and decided to take pictures throughout the day to see how long they would last. I was very impressed to be honest. I went to college, and work and back home again without topping it up. I was interested to see if it would come off while drinking anything. I drank out of a water bottle all day and no lipstick came off the top of the bottle and it didn’t budge off my lips. Even in work I had to blow up balloons and I was worried the purple would stain the White Balloons (nasty!) when I blew them up there was no lip stains on the White balloon. Amazing!
Here are the photo’s I took throughout the day.


By the end of the day the colour intensity wasn’t there as much but it was obvious that I had a lip colour on. So I was impressed.

What I like about this lip colour is that it doesn’t feel like you have anything on your lips. This Is due to the Lock and Shine step.


One night I wore the 200 I’ll call you shade and I forgot to apply the Second step. It was a nightmare. My lips were stuck together and the colour got very ‘bitty’ if that is a good description. So the second step is a must for these.
When used correctly they don’t stick, which is brill. I think they will be so nice in the summer time when us ladies like to have our hair down and lipgloss on but dread the hair sticking to the lips. This won’t happen with these👍


The three colours I have are really  nice. ‘730 make your move’ is a lovely brown shade. I like to wear this on a daily basis. I actually like to wear this when I have my sleek orange tone blusher on. They work well together. This one is probably my fave shade that I have.



200 I’ll call you is a bright pink shade. It kind of reminds me of MAC ‘Girl about Town”. Wearing a simple eye make up with a statement lip colour is always striking so I like wearing it with just a simple eye make up look.


IMG_3028 a href=”https://allthingsgirlybyshannagh.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/img_3018.png”&gt;IMG_3018

Then “230 Fatal Kiss” is a purple shade. It is quite vampy. It’s dark , so on a night out this would be lovely.



They are available from Penneys stores and pharmacies nationwide. I think the retail at about 7 or 8 euro. 8.49 pops into my head for some reason. I would say they’re worth it. There are definitely more colours available so I’m sure you will find a colour to suit you 💄

Thanks for reading.
Shannagh Xx

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