Mink Lashes ✨

Hello everybody😊.

Let’s talk eyelashes 😍 Eyelashes are everything, in my opinion. My make up feels unfinished without them. Not a good start to the night. Lol. For anybody who knows me, they would know that I wear false lashes most days. In college, work, anywhere. I swear by KISS lashes that you can get in Penneys. I wear the DIVA 01 ones for a very natural look or the DIVA 02 ones for a little bit extra. They cost €3.50. I recently posted about the Sultry lashes from Penneys too that cost €1.50. They’re very noticeable but stunning. I love them.

Anyways, I’ve always thought about getting eyelash extensions considering I wear false ones most days. I was quite comprehensive about it. Wondering would they ruin my own eyelashes or would they be annoying on me. Do they last long? What would they look like after a few weeks? Where would I get them done? How much are they?! I was asking myself so many questions. I googled all of these questions.

I found some places that were near me but they didn’t have any reviews or anything and I didn’t know anybody who had got them before. Prices varied from €25 up to €80. I didn’t want to spend €80 on something that would only last a few weeks. Also some places had pictures up on social media and the lashes weren’t very noticeable. If I was going to get them I wanted people to notice them. I wanted to notice them too.

Some of you may follow blogger Cliona Kelly. She is the creator of “Peaches and Cream Blog” and she often posts pictures of her clients that get their eyelashes done. I liked the look of these one. There is always such a big difference and they look so good. I finally decided to get them done with Cliona as all the photos looked amazing.


I messaged Cliona via the Peaches and Cream blog page on Facebook and she replied to me pretty quick. Once I booked the appointment I was buzzing! She charges €45 to get them done. I thought it was a good price considering how good the pictures looked. Cliona is based in Malahide and works from her house. It is super easy to find (well thanks to google maps haha) so that won’t be any trouble.

The morning of getting my lashes I just put on some foundation I didn’t wear any eye make up. Just before Cliona starting doing my lashes she asked what way I would like them. I said I wanted volume and thickness. As I said before.l, I wanted people to notice them. The lashes took about 1hour and 30 minutes to apply. (I had a little snooze). Lots of people have asked me does it hurt getting them done? The answer is No. I didn’t feel any pain at all. It was absolutely fine. Cliona was very careful and applied them so well. She has lots of experience applying the lashes so I trusted her to apply them.

Once she had finished I took a glance in the mirror and I was like like wow they make such a difference to my face. I had no eye make up on so it was just the lashes, they’re so so nice. Cliona told me how to care for them, there is no need to wear mascara. If you do they won’t last as long as they can. Also if using eyeliner, remove it using a cotton ear bud, be gentle. When removing eye make up. Rub up instead of across. By following these steps, my eyelashes would last longer, and that is what I wanted.

I have been writing a little bit each week to keep ye posted. You can read it below. x


Week 1



I’m really loving my lashes. A lot of people have noticed them and have been commenting on them. I forgot I had them on the other day In the shower and rubbed my eyes. (Woops) no lashes fell out thank god. After the shower all of the lashes clumped together, it looked like I had very clumpy mascara on haha not a good look. I just gave them a quick and gentle comb threw and they were perfect again. Applying make up is fine. Just have to be careful not to go over your eyes with foundation or anything. I’ve found it fine to apply my eye make up. I haven’t put on any mascara at all. There is really no need for it. Happy days so far.

Week 2


So I have had my lashes on for two weeks now and yay, they’re still as good as new. I wore a gel eyeliner this week. I was quite worried about it, but it was fine. I just removed it with a cotton ear bud and it was fine. No lashes have fallen out yet and I’m still getting compliments on them. I’ve realised that having these Mink Lashes saves time for me. I don’t have to put on my falsies so all the time waiting for glue to dry, perfecting applying them is all out the window. Also I don’t have to apply mascara so it’s great. I’m loving life!

Week 3


So it’s been three weeks. A few lashes on my right eye have come out. Not a lot just the odd few. I think it is because I normally sleep on that side so I bet that is why. My left eye ones are fine. Maybe one or two fell out. I don’t mind as you don’t even notice. No hairs have gone stray or anything which is good.

Week 4


A few more have fallen out but nothing drastic. 😊 I think you can see from the picture that they still look full and long. Some of the girls in work were surprised at how well they still look after having them on for four weeks. I’m so delighted with them. I’m even considering getting them refilled in the next few weeks. I love them that much. I love when I wake up in the morning and I have long lashes. They make me look better on days I feel like wearing minimum make up. Sometimes I just put on some foundation and fill in my eyebrows, that’s not. So quick and easy.

As they have been on for four weeks since yesterday I’m wondering when they will start falling more. I have been looking after them week so I am hoping to get maybe another two weeks out of them, as I said I might get them refilled with Clíona.

You can check out the Peaches and Cream blog here. And the link to her Instagram is here. If you’re looking to get them done I would recommend getting booked in with Cliona.

Thanks for reading this post. 😊 Until text time,

Shannagh x

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