Eye’s Are The Window Eye Shadow Palette by Stila.


Stila is a make up brand that I hadn’t heard much of until recently. I was so keen to get my hands on this palette when I saw the make up segment on Xpose on TV3 where they were using all Stila products to create a make up look. This palette just looked amazing. Mainly because all of the eye shadow’s are matte, and then the colours in the palette are so pretty. My mam was looking for a matte eye shadow compact too so we both took a trip to Harvey Nichols specifically to buy it.

There are other ‘Eyes are the Window’ palettes available with different colours in them, Some are matte and others shimmery.  The one I’m writing about today is the ‘Mind’ Palette. The others are called, Body, Spirit & Soul you can check them out on the website here.

The ‘Mind’ palette is going to suit all skin, and every skin tone. There are colours for everybody. As I said all the shadow’s are matte. From a vanilla shade colour to pinks, purples, oranges, greys and black, so you can create endless amount of looks. They can be applied wet or dry which is interesting. I have never applied an eye shadow’s wet before.

There are twelve shades,


  1. Brilliance
  2. Imagination
  3. Genius
  4. Understanding,
  5. Instinct
  6. Observation,
  7. Wit,
  8. Perception,
  9. Reason,
  10. Thinker,
  11. Creativity
  12. Intellect.

What I like?

These eye shadows are very pigmented, This is great as it means our shadows may last longer in the palette. They are SO  bendable. You won’t have to stand in front of the mirror all day blending. I was quite surprised. I did a make up look and it only took me a few minutes, only because the product is so easy to use.

Quick make up look I did using the Mind Palette.

As there are light and dark colours you have the options to blend darker colours out in the outer bit of your eye and then the brighter colours in the inner corner. See the photo below. It shows you where you can apply each colour.

imagesstila mind 2

Example of what eye shadows you could use following the picture above..

Number 1. So here I would use the brilliance, this is the brightest colour in the palette. I would use this just uner the brow tone to highlight.

Number 2. Understanding is a nice medium shade to put on your lid.

Number 3. Creativity or Intellect are darker colours in this palettes, so blending these out in the outer crease, in a V shape will give you that Smokey eye.

Number 4. For the transition colour I use Wit or Perception, I love orange tones on my eyes.

Extra; I always blend the middle shade colour under the lower lash line, just to connect the eye together.


I used, Genius, Understanding, Perception and Creativity to create this look.

I Purchased this gorgeous palette from Harvey Nichols at the Dundrum town centre and It was priced at 39 euro. You may think this is expensive, but think about it. You are getting twelve eye shadows that are of amazing quality and I am sure you will use it over and over and over again,  It is oh worth it 😉

When myself and my mam went into Harvey Nichols and a lovely girl Sue was working at the Stila counter. Her make up was amazing and She knew everything about the Stila brand itself and she was able to talk to us about every product. Sue did my mams make up using the Eyes are the Window ‘Mind’ Palette and other Stila products. I really want the primer she used. It is called one step correct primer. It looked so good, Sue put some on my right hand and rubbed it in. Then when I compared it with my left hand I actually couldn’t believe it. Redness was reduced, my skin was smooth and soft looking. Anyways my mam looked beauts by the end of her make up application . Sue really got us interested in the brand. She wrote out a face chart with the other products she used on my mam so no doubt we will be back soon to purchase more. If you’re interested, you can follow Sue over on twitter here. Also if Dundrum is too far for you to travel, you can ring up the store and order products over the phone and get them delivered straight to your house. Here is the link to the store’s contact details.


I think Stila will become a more and more popular cosmetic brand over the next few months. I believe there will be more distributors soon therefore it will be easier for you ladies to purchase. These shadows are so good, I would love to try the other ones. Check out the Stila website here to see the broad range of cosmetics they have available.

Thank you for reading.

Shannagh X

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