Hey everybody,  Today I am talking about three brushes I have been loving by Blank Canvas Cosmetics and then I’ll be talking about Dipbrow Pomade, the eyebrow product that has transformed my eyebrows. 

Blank Canvas Brushes

This month I have been completely obsessed with my Blank Canvas brushes, even more so after I attended the Irish Beauty Show that was on in the RDS recently. I got to see the amazing Kate McCormack do a make up demo on the stunning Pippa O’Connor. Kate used Blank Canvas brushes throughout the demo and I swear I need every single brush she used. I have a list a mile long 😂 

@Kate_Mc_Makeup doing some conturing on Pippa’s face at the Blank Canvas stand at the Irish Beauty Show.

I’ll start with the F20 brushThe F20 is a flat buffer foundation brush and is so perfect for me. It has synthetic fibres and can be used with cream, liquid or powder products. It gives a flawless finish and just makes applying my make up so much easier. No hairs fall out of the brush which I’m sure some of you ladies have had this problem before with other brushes, there is really nothing worse. 

The price of this brush is so great too. It is only €13.90!!! (buy here) I know, Happy Days. 😃 You can buy this brush with a black handle or a pink handle & Blank Canvas have an offer where you can buy a twin set for €22.99 here

Next is the E26 blending brush, This is my go to brush when I am doing my eye shadow. I always find myself reaching for it. It just cost €6.99 and can be bought here. The E26 gets rid of all harsh lines and is perfect for blending the shadows in the crease and the outer corners of the eye. 

This blending brush is a must have girls!!  

 After the beauty show I bought the E44 flat brush which is my new fave. It is perfect for applying shadow on the lower lash line. It is thin making it so easy to get right under the lower lashes for a more detailed shadow application.  As it is very firm the brush can be used to apply liner on both top and bottom lash lines. Ideal to use with a gel brow product too. I love a multi purpose brush. The E44 costs just €7.99 and is available to purchase online here.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics are a brand that are so affordable and the quality of the make up brushes are so good. Some of the best Make up Artists use these brushes, so you too can get that professional make up look. 

Check out their website

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. 

Everybody has probably heard of this product as it is used by so many celebrities. I wanted to buy it for ages but as it is only available online for people in Ireland, I kept putting it off. 

Finally I ordered it and I am so glad I did. I ordered the shade “Dark Brown” as my hair is quite dark. I was a little afraid considering I don’t have very dark eyebrows but I wanted a product that would give me eyebrows like the celebs 😉 

You can see I have been using mine quite a lot. , LOVE!

I ordered it of and it only cost me €12.50. (Was €18.30 – offer still running).  In order for you to receive free delivery you have to spend over €14 so I just bought a angled brow brush that cost €2. (I can see why it was so cheap now😂) it says the delivery takes 5-7 working days, it took 7 working days for my order to be delivered to me. So be patient girls.

It has taken a little getting used to I’m not going to lie. The first time I used it I thought how the hell do I use this. The pomade is a wax texture and is very pigmented so a little bit of product goes a long way. It does take a while to master a shape you want. Practice makes perfect. To be honest I still have some awful brow days where I have used too much of this product and it just looks clumpy but on the good days, the brows look great. 

I just apply it with an angled brow brush. It’s actually the one I got with the “Brow This Way” Rimmel set. You can read the review for that here

The product doesn’t budge off your brows. Perffffect brows all day and all night long. 👍 

I would really recommend this product. Make sure to do some research on what shade to get. They have some details about the shades on the BeautyBay website. There is a good variety to choose from so there is a shade for everybody. You really won’t be disappointed with Dipbrow Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills. It has transformed my eyebrows immensely.🙌

For more information visit

That is all for today💄🙊 I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. 

If you have used any of the products mentioned above let me know what you think of them. 

Until Next Time,

Shannagh x 


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