Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner ▪️

As if it is Friday again! 😮 I do love a Friday, I’ve no college or work so it’s my only day off really, so no better time to write a blog.

I’m going to talk about this eyeliner from Maybelline New York called ‘Master Precise liquid eyeliner’ 👌🏼 I purchased it in boots for €8.99 about two weeks ago and I have been using it ever since I got it. I needed to tell you all about it.

Previous to buying this liner I had been using Mac Black Track gel liner with a real techniques liner brush and to be honest I was just getting fed up with using it on my upper lash line. What I wasn’t happy with was I wasn’t getting that clean ‘precise’ line with the gel. Some days I would get it right and other days my liner game just wouldn’t be strong!! Very annoying 😔

My mam has this master precise liner in her make up bag and loves it also. When she wasn’t around I would sneak down to her make up bag and take the liner out to use. ( Anne hates me robbing her make up because apparently I never return it…. GUILTY😁😂) I was liking it so much I decided it was time to purchase my own, I can tell you mam was glad I did and so was I.

What does this product set out to do? It’s supposed to give that smooth, even line finish. No mess or excess. It never dries and it never skips i.e. it won’t come out light one minute and darker another. It has an Ultra thin 0.4mm brush which helps all of the above become achievable.

I love the brush they have put on this eye liner pen. It’s so firm allowing me to get great control. It’s so much easier to get a nice straight line on the upper lash line. Another thing that makes life easier is that the pigment is just so good. The blacker the better. 😍 Me being a big fan of the wing liner look I have found it much easier to achieve this using the master precise liner then any other eyeliner I have used before simply because the control I have is unbelievable.

The eyeliner lasts all day on the lid. No need to top up during the day. What’s great too is that it is safe for sensitive eyes. However I haven’t used this eyeliner on my waterline, I have been sticking to the gel because I know Black Track gel liner from MAC wont budge from there for me. I’m sure it would be fine because as I said  master precise is suitable for sensible eyes. The liner is also easy to remove. No need for special eye liner remover.  A make up wipe, eyemake up remover or make up cleanser will remove it in minutes.

Maybelline Master Precise on upper lash line. Mac Black Track Gel Liner on lower lash line.
To help your Master Precise liquid liner last as long as possible make sure the lid of the pen is put on properly after use. I once didn’t put the lid on properly on a similar type liner and didn’t it dry out on me. 😓 bad times!

I just can’t explain how easy it is to use this magical liner pen. If you struggle with eyeliner I would really recommend for you to try this product. It is the bees knees and the cats Pyjamas, Believe me! 😂👍🏼 As I said before it’s only €8.99 from Boots (Buy here) so it will not break the bank. It’s so affordable and does a nice job.

Below are some images from Pinterest for some eyeliner inspiration. 😘


Happy Shopping and Thanks for reading!

Shannagh 😘Xxx

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