My Highlight and Contour Routine ✨

Hey everyone,

I hope you’re all doing good today! So I posted an image of my contour palette on my Facebook and Instagram blog pages and as people were asking about it I thought I would write a post about my highlighting and contour routine. Now I am no Kim Kardashian but here is what I use and what I do to achieve that Kim K Contoured look.        What Products I used…(use what you have available to you)

  1. Crownbrush 10 Colour Cream Concealer Palette (Buy Here)
  2. Mac Prolong wear Concealer NW15 (To Highlight)
  3. Crownbrush C466 Infinity Oval Foundation Brush(Buy Here)
  4. Crownbrush C124 Firm Shadow Brush (Buy Here)
  5. Crown Brush C406 Large Duo Fibre Face Brush  (Buy Here)
  6. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (Buy Here)
  7. Blank Canvas 6 Contour/Highlight Palette #1 (Powders) (Buy Here) (Not Exact to mine but Very Similar)
  8. Bronzer Powder Brush

Taken from Pinterest
Using my Cream Contour Palette
Step 1.

Apply a thin layer of your favourite foundation onto your face. Buff it in well to give a nice base to your highlight and contour.

Step 2.

 I always like to contour first and then highlight but that is up to you. Pick a colour that is two shades darker than your foundation and use any brush you’re comfortable with. For this step I use my C466 Oval Foundation brush and put a small amount of my cream contour from my crown brush contour palette onto it.

I contour around the top of my forehead first. I think I have quite a big forehead so I bring the contour down to give the illusion of a smaller forehead. Then I bring the contour down around the side of my face at my temples.  I Suck in my cheeks to see my cheek bones and contour along them.

 I  Contour the jaw line, and then I contour the edges and tip of my nose. I then contour just below the lower lip line to give that pout effect. I use a thinner brush for these steps to help put the contour in the right place. (I use my firm eyeshadow brush)

Step 3

To Highlight use a foundation/concealer that is two shades lighter than your foundation. For me I used the Mac Pro long wear concealer. There are light shades in the Crownbrush Cream Concealer palette that are perfect too. Even a lighter foundation will work.

Using a clean brush I create a V shape under the eyes, Then highlight the bottom half of the forehead, highlight under the cheek bones contour and above the jaw line contour that you just did.  Then I highlight the centre of the nose (using a thinner brush) and then you can highlight your cupids bow too.

This is when you look extremely hideous and cant help but laugh at yourself In the mirror!

you can laugh if you wish!😂
Step 4

To set the cream contour, Get a damp beauty blender and dab at your contour and highlight to get rid of any harsh lines. I use my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. (love this!)  BLENDING IS KEY , just keep dabbing! Avoid rubbing as you will pull your contour down onto your highlight.

Step 5

After I have done this I like to take my duo fibre brush from crownbrush and further blend out any harsh lines there are left. (There shouldn’t be too much) I then use my Blank Canvas Powder Contour Palette. (This is great to use on a daily basis, even without the cream contour steps) Using just a small powder brush I use the top left white colour to powder the highlighted parts (or I use Rimmel Translucent powder for this part) and then I use the top right colour to powder the contour parts.

It is important not to put powder on your face and then cream products. The cream products will not blend out well. Always cream first and then powder to set the cream in place.

I like to highlight the top of my cheek bones, my brow bone and my cupids bow with my  Mary Lou-Manizer highlighter for that glow we all love. (you can read about that here).

Blank Canvas Highlighting and Contour Powder Palette
After you have set your cream concealer you’re good to start your eye make up.  It is just important that you leave no harsh lines on your face. Practice makes perfect so keep trying it.

I would recommend the Crownbrush concealer palette as It is so easy to use and it does blend well. It’s €21.32 + delivery costs. I know Blank Canvas cosmetics now do a cream contour palette, (check that out here) which is only €16.99 + delivery cost. I’m a big fan of Blank Canvas so that could be good too. Let me know if you have tried that.

Remember everybody’s face shape is different so the places where you highlight and contour may be different.
I always go on Pinterest to look up things. You actually find so many helpful images. Here is a picture I saw which might help you see where you should highlight and contour.

Make done after highlighting and contouring.

Make up done after highlighting and contouring

Hash Tag #allthingsgirlybyshannagh over on Instagram if you try this. I’d love to see !!😊 any questions you have just ask 👏🏼  

thanks for reading girls, until next time … Shannagh x😘 

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