Current Favourites 🙌🏼

Hi everybody, I know it has been a while, but sure look I am here and ready to blog again. This blog post is about all of the products I have been loving within the last month or two. If you think I would like any thing that you have been using please let me know, I absolutely love trying out new stuff. Anyways, lets get started….

Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze Moisturiser.


I am sure everybody knows about the amazing cocoa brown tans that are available but they also have this gorgeous moisturiser. It is a tinted cream that smells just like the cocoa brown tan and it leaves your skin so soft and fresh. I love the feeling of my skin after I have put a good moisturizer on.

This little gem is brilliant for wearing in-between tanning sessions. It hydrates the skin as well as giving it a lovely hint of colour. Just apply it onto the skin like any other moisturiser, allow to dry before getting dressed and wash your hands after applying it and you’re bronzed and good to go 😉

This product retails at €5.99 and is available in most pharmacies and Penneys stores.

No.7 Skin Illuminator 


This is such a nice little product from the No.7 range at boots that I have been using nearly every day under my foundation. I’m loving a highlighted and glowy skin look recently and to help me achieve that this skin Illuminator is perfect.

This tube has a little brush on top and you can squeeze small amounts out to apply on your face. I usually apply it on my cheeks nose and forehead. It’s super radiant. This can also be applied over foundation too but it personally works better for me under the foundation. It can also be worn on its own for more of a natural make up look. So perfect.

My skin had a nice glow after applying the illuminator.
This is only €14.99 at all boots stores. And ladies, you know the receipts you get in boots they always have No.7 vouchers at the back with money off so this is what you should use it for.

Seventeen  Instant Glow Shimmer Brick

Some of you may have seen this on my Instagram page. It is amazing! If you’re looking for a highlighter at a low price this is  one to buy. It’s so affordable and looks gorgeous on the skin. I’ve actually been using some of the colours as eyeshadow too.  I love that it was only €6.29 . Everybody is loving highlighters these days and especially coming into the summer months this little product from Seventeen Cosmetics is perfect. .

I just apply it with a brush across the cheekbones. As you can see in the photo above it really does work. ✨

Available to buy here and in all boots stores.

Mac 208 Brush


THIS BRUSH THOUGH 😍 It is a small angled eyebrow brush that is perfect for filling in my eyebrows. I use the anastasisa Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade (Read my blog post about the eyebrow product I use here) which requires little amount of product. I find that the 208 brush is the best size to help get good detail and definition to the brows. The brush Is firm so you get great control.

It is available from BT2 here for €21.50. Yes it is quite expensive for a small make up brush but it is honestly worth every penny. If I use any other brush for my eyebrows they never look as good.

I always see make up artists use this brush and I can now see why. It’s perfect!! Also can be used to apply gel liner across the lid. 👏🏼



Most of you probably know that I wear fake eyelashes regularly. Some people ask how do I put them on well etc, the glue you use is quite important.

If the glue isn’t good the eyelashes won’t stick properly therefore won’t last all day and  there will be a messy application. People normally get fed up if they don’t stick to your eye lid straight away.

I’ve been using the Duo glue for the past month and it is the best I have ever used. I apply a small amount of glue along the false lashes and leave down for a few seconds. Then I get a tweezers and apply the lashes exactly where I want them. You don’t want the glue to be really wet at this stage or else the eyelashes will slide. Once they are applied I leave it a few minutes before applying mascara to blend the false lashes in with my real ones. Then apply some eyeliner over the lash line so there are not white marks from the glue.

It is a fast drying, long lasting and just amazing. It is available from Inglot for €12 here. It will last ages so it is worth the few extra euros.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge


This miracle sponge is just that, A MIRACLE. I love it so much. Now some of you may have heard of the beauty blender that many YouTube beauty experts use, well this sponge by Real Techniques is a much cheaper version. It is €7.99 available from boots stores and online

What is it used for?  I use it for blending in my concealer that I apply under the eye, I use it to blend in my cream contour when I am highlighting and contouring the face, Some people even swap their foundation brush for this sponge to apply their foundation for a flawless finish.

I use the pointed side for under the eye area and I use the round flat side if I am doing my foundation. They say a damp sponge is best so just run it under the water quickly. If it is damp it blends out better than if it were dry. If you’re looking to invest in the expensive beauty blender, maybe try this first to see if its your thing.

Here is a video of Sam from Real Techniques showing you exactly how it works.

So there are all my current favourites, I hope to do one of these posts every month to show you what I am loving and even what hasn’t worked well for me Don’t forget to follow me on all social media, Facebook, Instagram (@allthingsgirlybyshannagh) and Snapchat (Shannagh_Blog).

Thank you for reading,





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