Wednesdsy Morning at the Zoo

         Hey everybody,  Happy Wednesday. 

My morning was so great as I was invited to Dublin Zoo to be apart of The National Confectionery Company’s Launch of their new Zoo Pack sweets called ‘Dublin Zoo Friends’.


This packet of jellies are full of different zoo animals like tigers, giraffes penguins and more. They are so delicious. We got to take some sweets to try out.


Another campaign that was launching today was the ‘Zoo Cam campaign’  which is a national television advertising campaign that will show case exclusive Dublin Zoo elephant footage throughout the summer. TNCC will be sharing footage of the elephants in Dublin zoo on their Facebook page and will be encouraging visitors at the zoo to take their own ‘Elfie’ (selfie with elephant) to be in with the chance to feature in one of their television advertisements at the end of the summer. 👍🏻🐘

The group of us that we’re there this morning got to go out to see all of the the elephants. I took some photos for you’s to see! 😝




Dublin Zoo is such a nice place. The zoo keepers were full of knowledge and brilliant with all the kids! I will have to take a visit back during the summer.

Check out The National Confectionery Company out on Facebook and Twitter here. Follow Dublin Zoo on Twitter here too.

Thanks to Victoria & Suzy from The National Confectionery Company for having me.



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