11 Accounts to Follow on Snapchat. 

Hello Everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well 👸🏽 Today I’m telling you all of my favourite snapchatters that are worth following   From Australian, American and Irish MUA’s Stylists, Photohtaphers & Bloggers, they’re all worth the follow. 


Snapchat Accounts to Follow

Chloe Morrello – morellomachine


Austrailian youtuber Chloe Morrello is one of my favourite snapchatters, She is just so normal and I love her little mini tutorials she does.  She shows her snappers what make up she is wearing and where it is all from. Her stories don’t take up your news feed so that’s all G. 

Pippa O’Connor – pippa.oconnor


Definitely one of my favourite bloggers in Ireland. Who else agrees? Pippa’s snapchat is full of outfits of the day posts, videos of her cutest little boy Ollie, behind the scenes of her photo shoots, and also just normal snaps of her day to day life. We are awful noisy wanting to follow this kind of stuff but hey it is interesting to see what other bloggers do on a daily basis haha.

Desi Perkins – desiperkins


Myy gurrrrrrl desi….hahaI say this as if I know her personally. This girls make up is always on FLEEK! Desi is a make up artist ans does the most amazing tutorials on YouTube. You need to watch them if you haven’t yet. We see some behind the scenes in her make up studio etc. She is always with her YouTube froends too which is fun to see. Her life is so American!! Love her snapchat. 

Courtney Smith – cocosmithstyle


 Ireland’s most talented fashion stylist Courtney smith is new to the snapchat world. I love her stories. They are mostly from behind the scenes at shots and herself getting outfits ready. It is all very interesting. I think she is so talented and I love seeing her work so getting to see what she does as a fashion stylists is cool.

Grace Mongey – facesbygrace23 

This girl’s followers are just climbing and climbing and I can see why. She is a blogger from Dublin and I think she is one that a lot of girls can relate to. She is just so normal and basically broadcasts her day on her snapchat story. I feel like I know her, that is probably weird but its fine haha. Grace is a Slimming World member and keeps her followers motivated. She brings us along to work, to her meetings, to events, we see her blogger mail etc. I love her snaps. Beware they can be very long stories but I love them.

Kate McCormack – katemcmakeup


Kate McCormack is a Make up artist that I came across on Pippa O’Connor’s instagram page. I think Kate did Pappa’s make up at an event and it was amazing. Since then I have followed her on all social media and most recently snapchat. Her stories are an insight to the life of a Make up Artist. This girl is so talented. I was lucky to see her apply make up on Pippa at the RDS beauty show. Her snapchats are amazing and I don’t know how she makes her eye shadow look so good on camera. AMAZING!

Lili Forberg – liliforberg

Lilli is a photographer and only snaps occasionally. She usually snaps when she is shooting with Pippa OConnor. You get to see what it is like in a studio shooting models. Her snaps are rare but when she does snapchat I enjoy watching them

Stephanie Quigley – stephanineoq

   Stephanie is a blogger from snappedup.ie.  She is a fitness fanatic and we see her healthy lifestyle in her snapchat stories. Stephanie shows us her healthy meals and her gym clothing and she also snaps some beauty products and clothes hauls. Check out her website to see her fab blog. 

Joanne Larby – themakeupfairy


This girl is a machine. Her snapchat stories consist of #ootd posts, gym posts, her meals, hauls, products, make up posts, basically everything!! she seems to be such a hard worker. She has transformed her body and it is amazing. Her stories give her followers a look at her progress etc. If you’re into fitness and need some Motivation, Joanne Larby is the girl to follow.

Terrie Mc Evoy – tmceveoy24

Terrie is a nurse, and blogger and seems to be a crazy girl. She is so fab! Terror is a brand Ambassador for Towers Jewellers and shows her followers the amazing jewellery they have there. Her make up is always flawless and she shows what products she uses. She is an absolute messer and there are occasional videos of her winding up her boyfriend which I find quite amusing. She is going traveling soon so I’d add her to keep up with all of her holiday snaps. Her outfits and bikini buys for her holidays look lush!! 

Charlene Flanagan – Charlenefmakeup


Charlene is a make up artist from Sligo. I love her snapchat. She is very genuine and lovely. Always giving her followers make up tips and recommendations. I Love how she is just very relatable and is like any one of us. Everybody go follow her. 
So there you have it. All of my favourite snap chatters. ✨😝 Rmember you can follow me over on my blog snapchat. My username is shannagh_blog 💁🏽.  

 Happy Snapping 👻📷 Lots of Love Shannagh. 

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