Hi ladies. ✨

If you follow me over on snapchat you will know I bought the fabulous Pippa Pallette from Cloud10Beauty.com last week and within two days it arrived at my door. Since receiving it I have been completely obsessed with it 😻.  

Each shadow and face powders have names that mean something to Pippa. I think this palette will be very popular. Considering the shades in the palette, the good quality, and because of the person who created it – Pippa. She is one of Ireland’s favourite bloggers and so genuine. I think she is great!! 

Within the palette are 6 matte eyeshadows, a peachy – pink toned blusher called ‘Pipsy‘, a gorgeous highlighter called ‘LuLu‘ and an excellent contour shade called ‘Amor’. I have been using the three face powders nearly everyday. The highlight gives the Mary Loumanizer highlight a run for its money!  The contour shade is so gorgeous and gives your face structure.  I love that it is matte and a warm brown shade. It’s so perfect. The shadows and the face powders all blend out so well making this palette suitable  for beginners and professionals. 

Below is a picture of me wearing the Lulu highlighter. Isn’t it gorgeous?! 


The 6 eye shadows are perfect colours for me. I have very similar shades in my mac palette. They’re suitable for a day time make up look and night time. There’s some light shades and then some darker ones to create a more smokey eye.  

 Starting with the lightest shade Lily, this is a matte white. It is seriously pigmented. I LOVE this shadow under the brow bone to highlight. Putting a bright colour here is just gorgeous. It emphasises the brows and the eyeshadow. 

The next shade is Ollie. This is a light brown colour. It is a perfect transition colour.  Blended out into the crease gives the eyes definition. This is nice left just blended out in the crease on it’s own with nothing else! 

Tobi is one of my favourite shades in the palette. It is a brown/orange colour. It works as a transition colour in the crease also and it is a gorgeous shade to put all over the lid. 😍 

Susu is a deeper brown shade. I’ve been using this on the outer corner of the eye to create some definition. It’s really beautiful. I love that all the shades work so well together. You could use just Susu and Tobi on the eyes and it would look great. 

Dodo is a purple/brown shade. It reminded me of Mac’s Swiss chocolate. Using a very thin brush this is nice in the crease. Blended out softly. 👍🏻 This darker colour can create a gorgeous smokey eye. 

Finally K.D is the darkest shade in the Pippa Palette. It’s a smokey black. If you need a night time look this colour with smoke out your eyes perfectly and you’ll be ready to hit the town. 

pippa palette eye make up


The Pippa Palette is perfect for all ages. I did my mums make up using the palette and she looked fabulous if I do say so myself!!! I think it’s a palette she would use a lot because of the natural shades in it.

Mam loved the blusher too! 💕😍


How gorgeous in the Lulu highlight on her! 😍
I think that everybody should own a Pippa Palette. It costs €34.99 and can be purchased on the Blank Canvas Cosmetics website or on Cloud10Beauty.  
Would you like to see a post on what make up brushes I use to do my make up? 

Hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to like my post on FB if you did. 💕Love Shannagh x 


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