My July Favourites

Hey Everybody,

Hope you’re all doing good. Today’s post is about them products that I have been using a lot throughout July and products I would definitely recommend to you. Enjoy!!

Micellar Cleansing Water – Garnier. 


I am loving this cleansing water from Garnier. I’ve completed dished the make up wipes and other cleansers as this is so convenient and easy to use. It removes make up, cleanses and soothes the skin without having to rinse the formula off. 

It can be used on the face, eyes and lips and it has no perfume in it. I just put some of the water into a cotton pad and it removes all of my make up. It leaves my skin feeling so clean and refreshed. I’ve noticed that my skin has been quite good recently. Perhaps it’s since I have started using this gem. 

It’s priced really well (Only 4 euros in boots at the moment) and you can get it in Penneys and different pharmacies. It comes in a 400ml bottle that give 200 uses. I know there is a travel size bottle too which is ideal for holidays. I’d really recommend this micellar cleansing water – 10/10. 

Isadora – Flashging Volume mascara


I received  this mascara in May at the into the west network blogger event that was held in Galway. I hadnt really heard much about Isadora. When I tried this mascara I LOVED it instantly. It gives your eyelashes the most amazing volume. If you know me I am one for wearing fake eyelashes every day but for the days I just feel like minimum make up this is the mascara I grab. See the pictures below.


 The little brush gives your lashes that volume you want and doesn’t leave them clumpy. This mascara expands the lashes to their fullest. I am seriously impressed.

Isadora is found in selected pharmacies nationwide, click here to view the selected retailers

Inglot Gel Liner no.77 


Oh my god, where have you been all my life?! During the month of July I ran out of my trustworthy MAC ‘blacktrack’ gel liner. Even though I loved that liner so much I was up for trying something new. Because I had heard so much about the No.77 gel liner from Inglot, I was dying to try it.  I decided to just go for it and since I bought it I LOVE IT!

It glides on the eyes and the gel is super black. I have been applying it with my Blank Canvas E28 eyeliner brush. Girls, if you’re looking for a gel liner this is the one to go for. I feel like it glides on easier than the Mac one and it lasts ALL DAY long. I use it in my waterline too. The best part is that it is only €15!!! Happy Days.

No 7 Early a Defence Eye-Cream


I have never used an eye cream before but this stuff has been used every morning and night since I got it. This cream is supposed to protect and boost young skins natural defences and help it keep us looking younger for longer. I think now at my age , it is the time to start using these creams to prevent old-looking skin in a few years.

This No7 Early defence eye cream is light and has a non pore blocking texture therefore it is suitable for all skin types.  It is also enriched with vitamin C to reduce puffiness and dark circles, HELLO BRIGHTER EYES.

The eye cream is available from Boots stores costing €17.50. I am going to continue using this eye cream every morning and night. I want to look young foreverrrrrr haha.

Mac ‘Arena’ Eyeshadow


This shadow is just a stunning shade. I use it a lot when doing a brown smokey eye. Just on the inner eyelid it highlights the eye.

I also use it under the brow bone sometimes to highlight. The Shade is subtle but stunning.

The bright part in the eyelid in the picture above is the arena shade. I think it looks really pretty. I’ve been reaching for it a lot this month.

So then products mentioned above have been fabulous all month!! 

What have been your favourite products throughout July? Should I try anything that you love? Let me know.

Love Shannagh Xx 💞

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