Seven Eye-Makeup Brushes everybody needs.

Hello Ladies…

I hope you are all doing great. It’s FRIDAAAAAYYYY…Woohoooo. Today’s blog post is to fill you all in on what make up brushes I use when doing my eye make up. All of the brushes included are from Blank Canvas Cosmetics. They are an Irish Brand from Donegal who have the most amazing quality of brushes and who sell them at such a great price.


I wanted to get new brushes as I felt I didn’t have many different brushes to use for doing my eye make up. I didn’t want to spend a huge amount of money on make up brushes as I just didn’t have it. I had three brushes from Blank Canvas that I religiously used along side my MAC, Real Techniques & Crownbrush brushes. They were fabulous brushes and I always found myself using them so I decided to go onto and buy myself some new brushes. I ended u buying the 18 Deluxe Pro Make up brush set which I LOVE!!!!.Good Quality, Affordable and AMAZING!!!! Below are the brushes I use most for my eyes. Everybody needs these….amazing 🙂

Blank Canvas E25 Round Blending Brush 


My go to brush to start my eye make up. I always use this to blend a colour into my crease. It is nice and fluffy and so soft. If you’re looking for a good fluffy blending brush this is the one for you. It is honestly just as good as the MAC blending brush.

This is only costs €7.99. Purchase its here.

Blank Canvas E42 Pointed Crease Blender


The E42 is a crease blender brush. It’s similar to the E25 but much more pointed. It is great for being more precise when blending shadow into the crease. Having a brush that gives you control of what you’re doing is key and this one does just that.

Again this costs just €7.99. You can purchase it here

Blank Canvas E26 Blending Brush


This brush is a blending brush that is so perfect. Before I owned the E25 I used to use this for blending out everything. I usually use this brush for blending out shadow in the outer corners of my eyes. The E26 is not as big and fluffy as the E25 but it is just as good. I have two of these I like to have one clean for blending eyeshadow out and one for blending shadow into the eye.

You can purchase the E26 brush here.

Blank Canvas E24 Flat Shader Brush


This is just a simple flat brush to apply shadow onto the lid. An essential brush in the make up kit. It has a lovely fluffy rounded tip which is great for placing and shading product, It’s medium firm paddle means it picks up the product easily. I think it is great for patting a highlight colour into the brow bone, or inner corners of the eyes too.

It is available to buy here for just €6.99.

Blank Canvas E23 Short Pencil 


This brush is amazing for smudging product. This type of brush is good too for creating an eye shape. As it is a pencil shape you have great control. You can pencil out exactly where you want the product to be. I like putting shadow on the brush and putting in on the outer V of the eye…So good for creating a smokey eye.  Also a good brush to blend shadow on the lower lash line.

You can buy that here

Blank Canvas E30 Doubled Ended Brow/Spoolie


Everybody should brush their eyebrows before applying product and this is the brush I use for that. It also has a brow brush on the end which is good for filling in eyebrows with gel/powder products.This brush is €7.99

available to buy here

Blank Canvas E44 Flat Brush


I love this brush for applying shadow on your lower lash line. I think it is so important to tie your eyeshadow in on the lower lash line. It finishes your make up look. This brush makes it easy to do that. It’s really thin so you can just place the brush inner your lashes and just brush the shadow on…then use your pencil brush to blend it out…perfect!

Available to buy here for €7.99

There you have it. The best brushes for eye’s that I own.

If you don’t fancy buying all of these brushes individually, you could go for the Eye Collection brush set that Blank Canvas have. It is amazing value. €57.99 for the whole set. See it here

I really do recommend this brand for make up brushes. And of course they are creators of the #PippaPalette which is amazing. You can read my post about that here.

I hope that post was informative for some of you. Let me know if you have tried BC brushes before? If you’re thinking of buying some…DO IT! Treat yourself…;)

Happy Shopping.

Love Shannagh

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