Two Foundations to Try.

Hello everybody, how are you all doing? I’m back with some product reviews.

I have been trying out a few foundations for the past two weeks and I’m here to tell you about the two that have really impressed me. One is the CHANEL PERFECTION LUMIÈRE VELVET Smooth Effect Makeup SPF 15 foundation. I have been using the shade ‘beige 20’ and I think it is my new favourite. The others that I have tried are two foundations from Stila & one from MAC which I will talk about later in this post but the Chanel Perfection Lumiere comes out on top.


When speaking to a lady at the Chanel counter in Blanchardstown Boots she told me this make up would be for people with normal and combination to oily skin. I originally wanted to try the Vitalumiere Aqua Ultra Light foundation but she said the Perfection Lumiere Velvet would suit my skin better. She tried the same beige 10 on me that day, They had no tubs or anything that I could take some home to keep trying which was a bit annoying. I liked the feel of it that day so I went back into a Chanel counter in town with a little cosmetic tub that I bought in Penneys (5 for €1) and I got the lady to pump some of the foundation in the next shade into the tub for me to try.

If you ever want to try a foundation bring in your own little tub for them to put some make up in so you can try it. There is no point in buying a product which is going to be a completely wrong colour, texture etc for your skin. I definitely didn’t want to spend €40 on this make up product if I wasn’t 100% sure about the colour etc.

What I Liked… What I love about this is it is so lightweight and when applied it doesn’t feel like you have any foundation on. It smells divine and it lasts all day. I have really noticed that my make up has been lasting much longer since using this. It doesn’t budge much at all for me…Maybe around my chin area it can come fade off a bit but I think that happens with every foundation but I swear it lasts so good everywhere else.

It would be a perfect foundation for me to wear during the day as it is not so heavy. The coverage is good also. I would say light to medium coverage.

This foundation is available from boots here. It costs €40 for a 30ml bottle. Overall I loved this and will definitely be purchasing soon


The second foundation I have been trying is the Stila Stay All Day in the shade 05 Hue. I have been loving Stila recently. I have one of the eye shadow palettes and I recently bought their One Correct Primer. Its amazing. When well-known blogger Pippa O’Connor showed the Stila foundation on her snapchat and loved it I had to try it for myself. So off I went with a little tub for the girl at the counter to put some of the foundation in so I could take it home and try it to see what shade would suit me best. I also took a sample of the Stila Illuminating Liquid Foundation which I liked but was very illuminating for what I wanted a new foundation for.

The Stay All Day Foundation does exactly what it sets out to do…Stays All Day. I was actually amazed at how well it stays on throughout the day. It has quite a thick formula but it blends out very well. A little bit goes a long way.

The foundation is oil free and is medium to full coverage formula depending on how much you use. There is no pump with this foundation which at the start kind of bothered me because I was so used to having a pump on my Mac bottle but It does have a spatula connected to the lid that you use. With this foundation comes a little flat foundation brush too. To be honest I haven’t used that, I just use my Blank Canvas F20 Face Brush to apply. On the lid of the bottle there is a concealer. This is very thick. I love it as it covers blemishes very well. Love when things are built in to a product..less things to carry around in your make up bag.

A lot of people have actually asked me what foundation I am wearing when I have this on. It really is gorgeous on.
As i said I got the shade 05 Hue…It is perfect for when I have tan on…It is dark for me if I am my usual pale self lol. After trying it for a few weeks I eventually went into Harvey Nichols in Dundrum and picked it up for €39.50. It is expensive but it’s so worth it.

Overall these two products are worth testing out. I would love to splash out and buy the Chanel one for during the day and use my Stila one for nights out.. Maybe on Payday I’ll treat myself 😉 Have you tried any of these foundations? What are your favourites?

Shannagh X

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