What’s in my Make up Bag; Foundations

Hiyaaa everyone, 

I hope you are all fabulous, and are enjoying the beautiful Irish summer we are getting….:/ Anyways people have been asking where my blog posts have gone and my only reason for not having any is that I’ve been flat-out all summer either working or enjoying myself on holidays. I post often enough on my Instagram page but its seems some of you have been missing my blog posts on here, so here I am.

I’m mostly asked about make up and what products I use etc, mainly on Snapchat (@shannagh_blog) and on Instagram by all of my followers. So I thought I would do a ‘Whats in my make up bag’ series starting out with Foundations. I honestly don’t know why I have many different ones at the moment but recently I love mixing and matching them. On a night out I rarely use just one foundation.

Make up Forever Ultra HD

This is my newest purchase that I bought in Sephora in Boston this Summer. It seems to be difficult to buy in Ireland. A trek into town to buy it seems like an effort so I waited until I went to Boston lol. I am really loving this foundation especially on a night out. I apply it with a damp beauty blender and my god it gives such a lovely finish. The coverage is medium to full depending on how much you apply. I love how it looks on Camera too. I bought the shade 125, which is quite light, I’d go darker when I have to repurchase it. On a night out I have been mixing it with Inglot’s HD foundation in number 76 and I have to say It is my new fave combo!  The Ultra HD foundation retails at €43. It is so worth it.

Inglot YSM

I love this foundation for longevity. It has been my go to foundation for work at the moment. I like to have my make up looking nice when I’m working at the restaurant. Doing long shifts can risk your make up coming off but the YSM foundation is a gem for me. I have shades #45 and #50. 45 would probably be the most popular shade in Inglot for girls wearing a tan. When I have a tan it matches perfectly. #50 suits me better than my tan is very light and subtle. The YSM gives a medium coverage and gives a matte finish. I also love how lightweight this is, it never feels heavy on the skin. This is one of the cheapest foundations from Inglot and probably my favourite. €20, where would you be going!! It’s just FABULOUSSSS. Shop here.

Mac Studio Fix

Probably one of the foundations that I always have to have in my make up bag. It’s one that I can just go to and I know it’s going to be reliable. I use shade NC30. I would only use it on a night out as this shade is very dark. It’s medium coverage and when applied with a beauty blender it looks lovely on the skin. You can shop it here if you want to try it for yourself.

Inglot HD

Another one of Inglot’s foundations that I mentioned earlier. This one is their High Definition foundation that gives long-lasting coverage and covers any imperfections one may have. I mix this with my Make up forever HD foundation and girls, I have to say it’s unreal. I use shade #76 in this one and it is perfect with a dark tan. It honestly gives a flawless finish. I find it is a little bit thicker than the YSM which is why I wouldn’t really wear this during the day. That is just me though. Inglot’s HD perfect cover up retails at €33 and you can shop that here.

Inglot AMC

I have this a while and to be honest it hasn’t really gotten a look in yet. I have only used it once or twice so I can’t say much about it yet. I know it’s for people who have dry skin. I’ll have to get back to you all on that one. If you want to try it out yourself just click here.

Stila Stay all Day

If you have been following me for a while you will know that I adore this foundation for everyday wear. This is from Stila cosmetics and it is amazing. It does exactly what it says, stays on all day. I love how it feels on my skin and how well it blends out. It really is excellent. I get shade 05 Hue. It’s perfect for me. People often ask where you can buy this. It can be purchased in Marks & Spencer’s on Mary Street and Liffey Valley shopping centre and also in Dundrum shopping centre. You can also get it online here of €39.50

Inglot Foundation Stick

I haven’t used this all over my face yet but I use it as a contouring tool. I use shade #112 and its perfect. I actually really like it to contour. It blends out really well with the beauty blender. It comes in ten shades ranging from light to dark so even to highlight areas on the face,  with a lighter shade, this will work too. It’s so creamy and easy to apply. The more I am thinking about this foundation now the more I’m realising how much I like it haha. Its €33 and can be bought here

So they’re the main foundations I have at the minute. I am always wanting try out different ones. What are your favourites? Let me know!!

Keep an eye out for my next blog post on ‘Whats in my Make up Bag’. Thanks for reading..

Shannagh Xx

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