Inglot; Dear Santa…

Hi girls,

A Sunday off work sitting in front of the fire in my pyjamas, I am living the dream!! I thought what a perfect opportunity to write a blog post. One of the girls in work last night told me she was going to Poland and she wanted to stock up on some Inglot Products. She asked me what could I not live without and I found myself listing out eyeshadow numbers and foundations that I didn’t even realise I knew. I thought I would share them with you all.

  1. YSM Cream foundations (45 & 50)



These are my go to foundations in my make up bag. I am completely obsessed. I have been wearing number 45 when I have a nice sun-kissed tan. When my tan is a little lighter I go for shade 50. If you have a yellow based skin tone this is great. I love the coverage it gives and leaves my skin looking smooth . I usually use my Inglot 4SS or my  Black Canvas F21 Foundation brush to apply and it blends out perfectly. The best thing about this Inglot foundation is it is only €20 and available to buy online here

2. Gel Liner #77


If you don’t own this I ask you WHYYY? This is the holy grail of all Eyeliners.It is jet black, waterproof and just unreal. It doesn’t smudge all over the place which is great. Its perfect in the waterline too. Its €15 and available to buy here

3. What A Spice Freedom eyeshadow’s. 

My What a Spice Collection

LOVE LOVE LOVE! These colours in this collection are just beautiful, from your browns to oranges, reds & pinks you’re covered for every look. The shadows are super pigmented and blend out like no others. I have been obsessed since I bought 7 of the shades. Numbers 303 (Mauve-y Pink) & 304 (deep purple) are so gorgeous. My two faves. I love this tutorial that Inglot MUA’s did with this collection.




The look is just beautiful. You can literally create so many different looks with the colours. Each eyeshadow is €6 so they definitely  won’t break the bank. I think a collection of these shades would be a perfect present for somebody this Christmas. You can check the full collection out here.

4. Inglot Brushes

I wouldn’t be able to live without my two 6SS blending brushes and The 10s brush from Inglot. The 6SS is my go to brush to do any make up look. Its big and fluffy and aw I just love it. I have two so I normally have one clean one always to blend out edges and then I work with the other one. Available here. The 10S brush is a small brush that is perfect for me to apply shadow to the outer V and lower lash line. I’ve only recently purchased the 10s brush and I just love it. I defo need to purchase another.

5. 63 Lip Liner

This liner is gorgeous with any nude lipstick. I wear it nearly every day. It’s just perfect. You can build it up to appear darker or leave it light enough. All the girls from Inglot pictured below are wearing number 63 liner. How gorg is it? Available to buy here for €10.


6. Inglot Foundation Stick

I use this as a cream contour, It is the best thing house for contour for me. I use number 112 and bled it out with my Inglot 4SS brush. Its never looks dirty like some others. It is available to buy here 15280936_10154869723849924_820286458_n

7. Favourite eyeshadow’s

So there are a few Inglot shadows that I love that I need you all to buy so you can appreciate them too!

55 – A gorgeous cranberry colour.

335 – The nicest Orange that makes blue eyes pop!

63 – This is Ingots matte black shadow. Eeeeerrrr’body needs a good matte black.

612– a peachy transition colour. PERFECT

327– A brown shade we all need.

563 – a deeper brown, gorg to darken the outer v of the eye.

395– under brow highlight heaven.

There ya’s are, my Inglot must haves. Snapchat me if you have read this & bought any of the products. My user name is Shannagh_blog.

Make sure to follow me over on my Instagram where I post most. @Shannagh_Blog is where you will find me there.

Until Next time,

Shannagh X

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