3 AMAZING Tans for Under €20

Lets Talk Fake Tan.

For anybody who knows me, they will know that I rarely leave the house without tan on. Mainly because for me, without it I don’t feel myself & just feel as white as a milk bottle. I don’t know what it is but I just feel much more confident when I have my fake tan on. If you are one of those people that get a nice tan on a sunny day in Dublin, I envy you.

There are so many tan’s out there at the minute and I have tried a lot of them throughout my tanning days but I think I have finally found three tan’s that suit me and they look so good on. The three that I am going to mention never irriate my skin. I have used a few that have left me with itchy legs and arms. Thankfully I have found one’s that agree with my skin. Since using these tanning products I have noticed more people commenting on my tan and wanting to know what is it.

So what are these three tan’s that retail at under €20 you ask…Here they are.

  1. bBold Smart Mouse480x480px-mousse_1024x1024

I swear this stuff is amazing. Who has ever applied tan and was advised to have a shower in a few hours or the next morning? You go stand in your shower and watch 90% of the tan wash down the drain…well ladies, say goodbye to that problem.

bBold Smart Mouse has three steps. Apply the mouse, Wait 1 , 2 or 3 hours (depending how dark you want it) and Shower, rinse the tan and moistureise after. Then watch it Develop. I know you’re thinking how does it not wash off if you only applied it a short time ago but I swear it doesn’t. . What I love is that it still develops even though it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing any tan. No stickiness for the day after showering. Happy days.

I love the colour of it. It hasn’t got that yucky green tint off it that’s others may give. The colour is so real looking. It really does look like a tan you would get if you were away in the Bahamas for a week. What more could you want? It retails at 14.95 which I think is so good. Most tan’s out there now are ridiculous prices.

The only negative thing about this tan is that it does take a while for it to dry and can feel a bit sticky before showering. I don’t mind it too much but it’s good for you to know.

Here is images of me with the tan on…No Filtasssssss.


bBold Mouse couple of hours after applying. (No shower)


After Shower. Love the colour of it.

Below is a YouTube video from the bBold creator. Just see how it works.



2. bBold Lotion – Dark


I know it is another bBold product but oh my god, obsessed. This is amazing. If you’re looking for more of an instant tan, this is the one. It is a lotion that glides on easily to the skin and blends out like a dream. It’s a very dark colour which I like especially on a last-minute night out. Throw some of this on &  it will dry in minutes. You can opt for the medium shade instead of the dark if you don’t want it too dark.

The main thing I love about this is that it leaves my skin feeling moisturized. There is no dryness anywhere after applying it.  I also love that even though it is an instant tan, it can last up to a week. Obviously depending on how well you keep it. I would moisturise my skin everyday therefore it would last me 5-7 days.

This one retails online at about €18.95 but I have noticed it is nearly always on offer in pharmacy’s for under €10. SLAAAY




3. Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun Instant Tanning Mousse


We all had a bottle of Sally back in the day and it has probably been sitting at the back of your tanning drawer for a while now but Sally is back with a bang. This stuff has been coming to hand a lot lately. For an instant  tan that would wash off more easily, this Mouse is fabulous.

The mouse glides onto the skin so well and leaves your skin sun kissed. Again this is available in medium and dark. I have been usiing the dark one.  If you’re looking for a quick fix this is your new ‘go to’. I would choose this instant tan over the bbBold Lotion if I wanted a tan that would wash off easier the next day. It doesn’t completely come off but it wouldn’t be as dark as the other instant tan after washing.

I know a lot of us will only put tan on in areas that can be seen like our ankles, feet & knees or our arms and shoulders….(we all do it c’monn haha) so I think this is the perfect tan to use in them situations. It is a very fast drying mousse which is ideal too. I find if I need to top up another tan quickly I’ll use Sally to cover any dodgy bits or to enhance older tan that has been on the skin. It also doesn’t go patchy if it rains. It really is brilliant. The only critique I would mention is that there is a bit of a fragerence smell off it.

It retails at around €13.95 (bargain) so it’s so affordable and to be honest one bottle is lasting me ages. Click Here to purchase 

No Filter. Applied maybe 2 hours before this.

They are the three tan’s that I have been loving a lot lately. They’re all tan’s that are on the cheaper side but give amazing results. Let me know if you have tried or wnat to try any of these.

Shannagh X

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