CT – Hollywood Flawless Filter


This is a product that I would recommend to everyone. I have been completely obsessed with it since I was introduced to it first. As someone who used to get out of bed super early every morning just so I would have time to put a perfect full face of make up on, I never thought I would change my ways and prefer wearing less! This is the perfect if you don’t want to wear as much make up/foundation. It leaves your skin so healthy and fresh looking.

If you are a fan of MAC’s Strobe cream, you’re going to LOVE this. People always ask me if the Hollywood Flawless Filter is a foundation. Well According to Charlotte Tilbury it is a ”customisable complexion booster with the versatility of a primer, the mega-watt glow of a highlighter, and the perfecting properties of your favourite digital filter” . 

I usually like to use it on its own. Most of the time I wear tan on my face, after applying the tan I use my favourite Blank Canvas F22 brush and Shade 3 Light/Medium of the flawless filter and I apply it all over my face, using more on the areas that I want to highlight, like just above my cheekbones. Then I usually set my T-Zone (Where I can get oily) with a setting powder and I am good to go (after drawing on my eyebrows of course!!).

Shade 3 Light/Medium

It is also really flattering to wear it as a primer, so under your foundation, It gives a really nice glow. I just wouldn’t set the foundation with powder too much or else you might lose the dewy/glow effect.

The Flawless Filter comes in shades 1-8. I have only tried shades 3 and 5. Shade 3 is perfect for me, even with tan on my face. Shade 5 Tan comes out a more orangey tone. It is still nice on the skin but probably better to wear on holidays during the summer or if you have naturally darker skin.

A bottle of the Hollywood Flawless Filter costs €40. I genuinely think it is so worth it. I wouldn’t be able to not own a bottle at this stage. Mine has been lasting ages as well so it is 10/10. It would be such a gorgeous gift to somebody this Christmas! Click here to buy.

I’ve a little mini tutorial on my Instagram shannagh_blog in the Highlights Section if you want to see it being applied.

You 100% need it in your life, Just saying……

Shannagh xo

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