Affordable Face Products You Need.

Is there anybody else who wears make up everyday but hates to use their “good stuff” on days just in work.  Well I did my make up last week and noticed I had done a full face of make up with all my affordable products and I was delighted with the final look.

So, today I am going to share with you some of the Face Products that I have been loving. They may not be for everyone but they’re certainly my favourite affordable make up bits.

The Finished Make Up Look

Carter Beauty Hold Tight Perfecting Primer

I have actually been loving this as a base under my foundation. Normally when I am using one of my cheaper foundations I feel it is important to prep the skin for a longer lasting foundation. This primer is only €7.95 but feels very luxurious on the skin and is very refreshing! It gives the skin a matte finish which I like. You only need to use a little bit and I definitely think it’s keeps my foundation on for longer. Click here to view

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation


Hands down my favourite “drugstore” foundation. (I hate the word drugstore but I feel like we can’t say Pharmacy Foundation 🤣) This foundation is amazing and it only costs around €12.50!! I can’t fault it. I use the shade Beige for with a light tan and then Light Beige for when I’ve no tan on at all. You can build up the coverage and it honestly does feel so healthy on the skin.  10/10.

You can shop it here

Catrice Liquid Camouflage – High Coverage Concealer

I am sure you have all heard of this gem. I think it’s just €3.99 in PENNEYS, but it’s such a good under eye concealer. I originally bought it when my “good” concealer ran out last year and I’ve yet to repurchase that one. I love how I can wear it on nights out as well as during the day as it is a nice high coverage concealer. It is so affordable so I definitely recommend this one.


I always like to do some sort of contouring whether it be for day or night. My go to for this is the SOSU Cream stick in the shade Warm. This is such a creamy contour stick that blends like a dream. It’s the perfect shade for me. I just love it! I also like the Light cream stick to highlight!


Tip-  I use the SOSU Pro Blender to blend out and its amazing!

They only cost €12.95 and they last for ages!


This is a more less known brand, but I’ve been using the Translucent powder everyday since well before Christmas. I really like this powder to set my make up as its very light on the skin and it helps give a long-lasting finish to make up. I love translucent powders as they are suitable for all skin tones as there is no colouring this one.

The Bamboo Silk Powder is €17.99 and available here 

bBold Contour Kit

The bronzer in this is a dupe for the MAC Give Me Sun and it is absolutely gorgeous. I think its gorgeous. The whole kit is €22 on BeautyBay and you get a sculpt powder and a highlighter in the set too. The highlighter is another fave of mine so this kit is definitely with having in your make up bag.



Ok you probably know this by now but, I am completely obsessed with these customised palettes by Sculpted. I’ve filled my pallets with a Powder Highlight ‘Golden Glow’ a Contour Powder ‘Light Bronze’,  A Blush ‘Pinky Hues‘ and a Cream Highlighter ‘Golden Hue’. They cost just €8 each. (The empty Palette is €9 to start)

The Contour shade “Light Bronze” has been a special find for me. It is the perfect shade as sometimes Contour powders can be too grey toned and make my cheeks look dirty which is not ideal!

I couldn’t recommend this product enough. I have a video in my Highlights on Instagram if you want to see the palette being used.


I think I have covered all of my face bits that are easily accessible in the chemists around. Let me know if you have tried any of the above.

Shannagh Xxx


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