Shannagh’s Sculpted Fave’s

I have been completely obsessed with these two @SculptedbyAimee products ever since I purchased them, maybe about two months ago. Honestly, they’re a make up bag essential and I wanted to inform you all about them.

I’ll start with the Bronze Base which is my new favourite tanning product. It is tanning drops specifically for your face. I’m definitely someone who always puts body tans on my face which are probably not ideal for the skin on our faces , so any sign of a face tan I am very keen to try them.

This product first of all comes with a lovely sculpted mini buffer brush to use for applying the product. I love that it comes with the brush. Making our lives a little easier.

The bronze base is like an oil going onto your skin. It’s smells gorgeous and glides on so easily. You can’t see a tan straight away but once you spread the product evenly you’re bound to get a good result. You can feel the oil like texture on your face so you’ll know if you have missed any spots. It’s feels very nice on and dries straight away so your face never feels sticky.

Usually it takes 6-8 hours to develop. I notice a difference after about 3. That’s me though, you may be different. 70% of the time I apply it before I go to bed and I wake up with a natural tanned face. What I really like is that it doesn’t clump in my hair line, like others that I have tried. I genuinely LOVE it. It makes me feel more confident to go out without make up on. Of course it really works well with Aimee’s other Base product……

Beauty Base. This is an all in one moisturising primer. It has an SPF in it which protects our skin. Hyaluronic acid which hydrates the skin and then my favourite ingredient is the golden glow. When people ask me what this product is, I say its kind of like strobe cream but more golden and a lot more hydrating. I wear this (with bronze base under it of course) without any make up and it’s fab. People often comment on how fresh and “glowy” my skin looks and it’s always down to this product.

It acts as a primer underneath your make up too. It is my go to before I put any sort of foundation on. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Both products are available to buy in most pharmacies. You can buy them directly on too.

If you have tried any of the sculpted products let me know what you thought of them.


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