Blusher, Highlight & Contour

Hello hello, two posts in one week. Who do I think I am? Since moving country and starting a new job etc, I’ve gotten into a new routine and I have some time to do what I enjoy, talking about products that I love. There is nothing I love more than being able to tell people about something and they too enjoying it.

I have been meaning to do a little review on the Rosie Connonlly Radiant Magic palette for a long time now and today I finally got to sit down and fill you all in about this little beauty. I personally think this is one of the best palettes the SOSU brand has released so far.

So what is there to love? Well for me, it is how versatile the palette is. I can use the 6 shades for multiple things. There are two contour shades, Espresso and Cinnamon, two blushers Sundown and Morning, and two highlighters Champayne Highlight and Radiance. So basically all you really need is in one palette and you can create a whole make up look with it.

My favorite shade in the palette is the contour shade ‘Cinnamon’. It is a warm shade that doesn’t look dirty. I find that it is SO pigmented. A little goes a long way. If you’re trying it for the first time, definitely go easy with it. ‘Cinnamon‘ is my go to eye shadow shade at the minute too. All I do is grab a blending brush and apply onto my eyelid and then blend it out into the crease. It genuinely takes only 30 seconds. So it’s a handy one for when you’re on the go. Sometimes I go in with the dark contour shade ‘Espresso’ If I want to make it a little more dramatic.

The Sundown blusher is AMAZING. It’s a peach tone which is 100% me. I like it to blend it in with my contour. I think they work perfectly together. It has a hint of shimmer too which makes the skin look super fresh. Morning blusher is like a barbie pink colour in the palette. It doesn’t come out as pink as I thought it would, which is definitely a good thing. For me personally anyway. I’m very light handed with it, just incase. But it’s gorgeous if you’re more of a pink blusher girl.

Onto the highlighters then. I use Champagne Highlight and its GORG! It can be used on the eyelid too or just at the inner corner of your eye. It’s a more golden shade than Radiance. Thats more of a pink highlight. Sometimes I mix them together and they’re fab. Sometimes Radiance is nice as a blusher too.

There is a nice big compact mirror in it too which is so handy! Especially when doing make up on the go. This always seemed to be my palette of choice for when I was going somewhere at home. It’s so convenient. The best thing about Radiant Magic is that it’s only €29.95 which I think is amazing for everything that you get in it. Would you believe its the only palette I have brought to Spain with me, so that is saying something. I could’t recommend more. You can purchase it here 

Hats off to the SOSU brand and Rosie Connolly for creating an unreal make up product! I’d recommend it to everyone!


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